Pilot seminar project WHOLE

Thanks to the good cooperation with colleagues from the Bulgarian Nursing Association, Association Generations organized on October 20, 2017, the first pilot training (seminar) of the project WHOLE – Wellbeing and Healthy Choices for Older Adults and their Carers, № 2015-1-DE02-KA204-002418, funded by the European Commission, program ERASMUS+. The seminar was attended by more than 30 caregivers from the Military Hospital in Sofia.  Seminar 20oct17 2

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WHOMEN Opportunities for qualified women in the EU

whomen-vertical web smallThe economic and social crisis that Europe is facing has led to a sharp decline in economic activity and recession. The labour market is being severely hit and unemployment rates are increasing negatively affecting the EU’s potential growth. Unemployment is particularly high among women and young people and this situation is exacerbated among migrant women and women at risk of social exclusion. In addition, these groups are more vulnerable because of issues related to work-life balance, limited availability for training and access to resources.

In this scenario, the aim is for Europe to become a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy. Inclusive means, among others, raising Europe’s employment rates and helping people with fewer opportunities of all ages manage change through investment in skills and training. Continue reading

Learning activities in Riga and in Sofia

S3Two learning activities took place in Riga (18-22 September) and in Sofia (9-14 October) and 35 participants from the 4 partner’s countries – Latvia, Germany, Spain and Bulgaria attended the training. The learning activities were transnational training events, organised and implemented to test our “Career guidance curse “ for further education of persons working in the field of youth, to optimise it with the experiences and evaluation of the participants. It was assessed as an useful tool, which gives approaches to find out more about the personality, weaknesses, and strengths and to clarify questions and doubts youth people have, but are also getting more and detailed information about job opportunities.S5



WHOMEN Opportunities for qualified women in the EU

whomen-vertical-BNWe started a new project – WhomeN – Opportunities for qualified women in the EU. The project aims at building a protocol to foster a more comprehensive and inclusive recognition of professional competences and defining new paths for the acquisition of transversal skills for women at risk of exclusion.

The project started the 2nd of October 2017 and is coordinated by Fundación Aljaraque (Spain) and counts with 8 other partners AIDRom (Romania), GEN (Bulgaria), CIK TREBNJE (Slovenia), COSPE (Italy), EUROYOUTH (Portugal), FJYC (Spain), LEB (Germany) and LAEA (Latvia).

Training on “Career Guidance Skills” in Riga and Sofia

ns_d394442AMAZINGRIGAThe training on “Career Guidance Skills” is scheduled for September in Riga and for October in Sofia.
It is in the frame of the Work n it! project and is addressed to the career guidance professionals involved in the project in order to have a practical approach on the different methods used by specialists from the countries participating in Work on it!.
BulgariaMarket-Image_Overview_BannerThe duration of the training course will be 5 days long. The content of the Handbook that will be presented during the course will also be published shortly so that it can help professionals in this area at European level.
The date of the course will be the following:
Riga: from 18 to 22 September
Sofia: from 9 to 14 October
We will keep you informed of the latest updates!

International seminar and meeting – project Senior Social Entrepreneuring

The main idea of project “Senior ​​Social Entrepreneuring” is the active inclusion of people in pre-retirement or retirement age in the social and economic life of the society in different ways. The most important thing in the past months after October 2016 to date was the establishment of a local level working group whose members would be interested and motivated to generate new proposals to respond to existing social needs or solve social problems in local communities. The invitation to participate in the project responded enthusiasts from different fields – people aged 50+ working in the field of medicine, education, research etc.

SS seniors3

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Work on it! First multiplier event in Sofia

DSC09047Our first multiplier event were organized in Sofia together with one of our practice partners – the Nursing Association – the largest community in healthcare system, which includes a variety of professions – social workers, educators, pedagogues, vocational counselors, helpers for youngsters with special needs, volunteers that work with youngsters – all eleven types of occupations received in medical colleges, as well as the professions of health care managers at different levels, health care professors in the Medical Colleges and Faculties, etc.
DSC08447The handbook draft developed in Bulgarian language was introduced to our practice partner. During the discussion separate methods/tools were more precisely introduced and discussed, because they could be offered and included as part of larger informal/non formal training as well as of relevant VET trainings.
Вe have received a feedback, we have prepared a handbook, which is very practical tool for the career guidance specialists in their work.
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