International seminar and meeting – project Senior Social Entrepreneuring

The main idea of project “Senior ​​Social Entrepreneuring” is the active inclusion of people in pre-retirement or retirement age in the social and economic life of the society in different ways. The most important thing in the past months after October 2016 to date was the establishment of a local level working group whose members would be interested and motivated to generate new proposals to respond to existing social needs or solve social problems in local communities. The invitation to participate in the project responded enthusiasts from different fields – people aged 50+ working in the field of medicine, education, research etc.

SS seniors3

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Last project meeting Diversities@Work


The two years project Diverisities @ Work is near its end and the last meeting of the consortium was held in October in Madrid. The two meeting days were a time in which the project partners reported the results of work done last months – meetings with representatives of business, organizations form sectors education and health, which were shown and presented the training materials developed within the project. The last corrections of the handbook, the fife theme guides on LGBT+ belonging to it and the functionality of the e-learning platform Diverisities@Work were discussed by the participants in the event.

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Reporting progress on project WHOLE – consortium meeting in Linz, Austria

10 With the time progresses and the activities under the project WHOLE also develope. The project consortium met in October 2016 in Linz, Austria, to take account of the progress of assigned tasks in the spring. Host of the two-day meeting was Berufsförderungsinstitut Oberösterreich (BFI OÖ).


A final report was prepared, based on the conducted questionnaires in recent months with elderly people using formal/ informal care and with formal / informal carers. It presented advise needs on healthy nutrition and appropriate physical activity, reported in the questionnaires.

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Senior Social Entrepreneuring – project kick off meeting

bibliothek-aarhusThe current changes in the demographic structure of Europe and the reduction of the working age population lead to the conclusion that the active involvement of older people in pre-retirement or retirement age in social and economic life of the community on different ways becomes urgent.


The idea of project Social Entrepreneuring – BUILDING CAPACITY AMONG SENIORS TO SERVE AS SOCIAL CHANGE BROKERS IN COMMUNITIES is initiating of exchange of experiences among people aged 55+, motivating them to participate actively in social and economic life and creation of entrepreneurial skills among them.

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ELIST Transnational Training for Multipliers in Portugal

tt3 4Transnational Training III within “Elist – European Learning Innovation for Sustainable Training” context is a 5 days Training Course for Multipliers (TCM), was hold in the week 20th – 2th of June in Costa da Caparica, Portugal. 35 participants, from 6 countries – Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain had the opportunity to improve their attitudes/behaviors, knowledge, and skills as Multipliers. These participants were recognized at EU level as the ELIST4M team.tt3 8

The ELIST4M team member will be capable to motivate potential users of the project ELIST results in order to have a positive impact on local development in a sustainable way, considering the environment, the economy and the social context of their communities. Continue reading

ELIST last Transnational Meeting 23 – 24 June 2016, Lisbon

13466422_1077631052303765_2557527157680640296_nThe final transnational project meeting took place in Lisbon, Portugal, hosted by our Portuguese partner Aldeia Lusofona.

Partners made presentation on WP2 Revision/harmonization, WP7‐ Multiplier Events in Spain and Portugal update/examination, key findings and potential for exploitation of results and WP6‐IO3 Update/examination, key deliverables and related deadlines for reporting and project closure.

Check on Monitoring and Evaluation of the project activities was also presented, including QA final report.

Methods, tools and good practice approaches to support young people’s occupational orientation

logo_workonit_colores (2)The Work on it! project consortium met for the second time on the 18th and 19th of May in Sofia.

gameWe selected methods, tools and good practice approaches that will facilitate persons working with young people to motivate and support young people’s occupational orientation together with our practice partners. They will be compiled in a Handbook of good practice and tested by the practice partners. During the meeting each partner introduced one method example.

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