Methods, tools and good practice approaches to support young people’s occupational orientation

logo_workonit_colores (2)The Work on it! project consortium met for the second time on the 18th and 19th of May in Sofia.

gameWe selected methods, tools and good practice approaches that will facilitate persons working with young people to motivate and support young people’s occupational orientation together with our practice partners. They will be compiled in a Handbook of good practice and tested by the practice partners. During the meeting each partner introduced one method example.

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WHOLE project meeting in Galway

P1010934More than half a year of launching the project WHOLE – Wellbeing and Healthy Choices for Older Adults and their Carers, № 2015-1-DE02-KA204-002418 passed. Over time the project partners had to fulfill a number of tasks. During the second project meeting held in Galway, Ireland, hosted by ProActivate, were presented the results of their work. Based on the results of analyzes of aspects in social and health systems in the countries, participating in the project relating to seniors and caregivers, were clarified key points on which programs on healthy nutrition and physical activity will be based.


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International meeting project D@W, Vienna

In March 2016 was organized the third meeting on the project Diversities @ Work. It was held in Austria and the host this time was the Economic Chamber of Vienna. Traditionally was made a review and analysis of the work on tasks, which were set for the period October 2015 – March 2016 by the project consortium . One of the most important products to be developed within the project, is the Handbook on Management of Diversity. After a detailed analysis of existing legislations, supporting programs, social and educational measures in the field of anti-discrimination in all aspects of social life in the countries of the project consortium, was define the main topics of the handbook.

2015-04-28 21.45.21

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Entrepreneurship trainings for sustainable development are running now face-to-face and online

Local trainings will offer the opportunity to improve entrepreneurship activities among rural populations.

ELIST_Logo_FINAL (1)The ELIST training programme was developed for young managers in agriculture sector and tourism, young people and women (rural and urban periphery) and adult learning practitioners. With a total duration of 72 hours the training course follows a blended learning approach and covers entrepreneurship topics that were clearly highlighted by the target groups during a research and survey implemented in the participating countries. Topics such as strategic planning, creativity and innovation, networking, how to access international markets, human resource management were mentioned with potential of improvement and included with a hands-on approach in the training programme. In order to prepare a solid basis for sustainable impact in the regions one focus is given to capacity building of rural population and communities with the special support of a mentoring programme (additional 12 hours). The European funding programme Erasmus+ will co-finance the activities implemented in Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Turkey and Austria. Continue reading

ELIST 3rd Transnational Meeting 23 – 24 February 2016, Granada

The third transnational project meeting took place in Granada, Spain, hosted by our Spanish partner Docete Omnes.

Partners made presentation on the general structure of the Elist Curriculum and application of ECVET framework, of the Modules developed so far by each partner, underlining innovative elements and expected application in entrepreneurship initiatives in rural areas and the results of first and second transnational training mobilities in Italy and Greece.

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Entrepreneurial Capacity Building – transnational training course – 15th – 19th February 2016 in Athens, GREECE

Athens bg group6Transnational Training II within “Elist – European Learning Innovation for Sustainable Training” on Capacity Building/Mentoring was hold in the week  15th – 19th February 2016 in Athens, GREECE. The Course context was a 5 days, in which 70 young people and mentors from 7 countries – Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Turkey took part.
Athens bg group5The training relates the  idea for sustainable development and the possibility of sustainably using environment as a resource for youth enterprises in rural areas. It promotes ideas for young people to establish environment-based enterprises in local communities – eco-tourism; bio-agriculture; community development projects; eco-villages etc. Continue reading

Transnational Training II on Entrepreneurial Capacity Building

ELIST_IconWe would like to invite our partner to the second Transnational Training  within “Elist project (European Learning Innovation for Sustainable Training), which will be ho
ld in Athens, Greece from 15th to 19th February 2016 . The course context is a 5 days Capacity Building/Mentoring Course, in which 70 participants, from 7 countries, will have the opportunity to improve their entrepreneurial attitudes/behaviors, knowledge, skills and build innovation capabilities in order to have a positive impact on local development in a sustainable way, considering the environment, the economy and the social context of their communities. Continue reading

Work on it! Kick-off meeting in Weimar

logo_workonit_colores (2)We met for the first time on the 18th and 19th of November in Weimar, Germany. The project partners had a warm welcome in the office of LEB. Henry Birner and Evelyn Sittig introduced the LEB and the work of the organisation especially the European work of the last years and its connection to the European and national work of the LEB.

DSC04934The Kick-off meeting was structured along the management handbook as an important tool for a common understanding about the project, its aims, tasks and results.

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Transnational Training on innovation, diversification and sustainable development in rural areas, Bisceglie, Italy

12289504_1005977486133523_452564226565165746_nIn the week 23rd – 27th November 2015 in Bisceglie, Italy a Transnational Training on Entrepreneurial Competences was hold. The training was organized from our lead partner Gal Fior d’Olivi within the ELIST  Project (European Learning Innovation for Sustainable Training). It was focused on innovation, diversification and sustainable development in rural areas.

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