About us

Association Generations is an association of experts  working for many years in education and adult learning, with extensive  experience in project management of EU programs like Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig, other like Phare or some funded by the Social funds. The desire of the founders of the association is to follow the common  European idea of Lifelong Learning.

Generations shares the principles of tolerance  and peaceful coexistence between different communities, the principles of civil  society and gender mainstreaming, European policies and values, contributing to  building a bridge between generations.

The main objectives of “Generations” association are:

  • To  develop, approve, and promote intergenerational  transfer of national and spiritual values in education,  science, culture, technology, etc.;
  • To do researches, to develop and apply the  experience, principles and policies of other countries, connected with the integration of people aged  55 +, reducing the generation gap and increasing the intergenerational dialogue;
  • To work actively and assist the process of managing the differences through dialogue,  partnership and consensus;

To  achieve its objectives the association performs the following activities:

  • Developing and realization of national and international projects, integration in social networks of  target groups in order to study the latest advances in practices and policies for convergence and overcoming of the generation gap;
  • Developing training programs in diversity management;
  • Organization of trainings and internships for representatives of different generations,       aimed at overcoming differences;
  • Initiation and participation in symposia, congresses and conferences, seminars and workshops, roundtables, contact exchanges, participation in working groups and other forums, in pursuance of  the basic objectives of the Association;

Developing strategies, programmes, analyses, surveys, prognoses and other events in order to build an effective dialogue between generations.