Association GENERATIONS is partner in a new project Business Competence in Social Management, LLL, Leonardo da Vinci, Partnership, Nr 2012-1-DE2-LEO04-11646 8 .

As part of the economic, social and demographic developments in Europe, the so-called „social economies“ – i.e. public, semi-public or private businesses, enterprises and organisations that are entrusted with social responsibilities – have grown in importance. The rising importance of social economies entails the increase of economic thinking within such businesses and organisations. Increasingly, managers in the social arena need to handle their business like a „normal“ one, according to general economic principles. However, employees and managers in the social services or similar areas rarely have the adequate economic know-how for successfully facing the challenges of the market.
Overcoming this gap is the mission of this project. It aims to develop a training concept for conveying necessary economic competence in businesses and organisations. Focus is put on e-learning (for higher spatial and temporal flexibility), the consideration of the specificities of the social economies and finally, the applicability of these concepts in all of Europe.