Transfer of Innovation – Information Security

logo_cisoinsmes2Project background: Nowadays, information is the most important value in every enterprise. That is why it should be protected very well. Losing strategic plans, marketing concepts, trading policy or simply access details to computer systems may frequently result in serious financial loses. Consequently, it may write off the further development of a company or even force a company to stop doing its business due to losing credibility.

The project aim is to verify knowledge of principles regarding contemporary management of IT security as well as information security and protection, paying special attention to personal data and skills in risk management.  Polish training curricula is a basic material for new international curricula development. The Information and communications technology changes very quickly, every year brings up new solutions, new ideas and new tools. Constant development of the internet technologies smooths the way of work, communication, data exchange, but on the other hand it also generates new risks.

That’s why project proposal aims to analyze this scale of a threat in information security sector and on this base new training curricula, adapted to partners countries needs and European Legislation will be developed. The next important step of the project proposal is to improve polish VVC training for internet security according to technological progress.

The project consortium is based on the institutions which are very experienced in educational activities, e-learning solutions as well as transfer on innovation implementation. Every project partner represent different approach to the project topic, however all have the common goals and common educational needs defined. The division for the project activities is complaisant with every project partner profile, which will assure high quality of the all planned actions.

The expected project tangible outcomes, that will be disseminated after project completion are as follows: reports on definitions of general frameworks for Chief Information Security Officer trainings, trainings curricula for partners countries, trainings scenarios, innovative project portal with e-learning content, didactic material for CISO trainings. The main expected project intangible outcomes are: enhancing of cooperation between partners and improvement of professional competency within information security sector.

Impact: Since information security is essential factor in everyday work not only in private companies but in every institution the project impact will be broad. It will help the trainees to provide better work and implement new solutions in theirs workplaces, it will also create great prepared group of trainers in information security sector, it will reinforce technical and educational background in consortium partners as well as gaining new experience.

Moreover project will create new, international educational tools: training curricula, e-learning components which can be used later on by all consortium partners.

Target group: Information Security Officers in SMEs (companies focused on international cooperation, business relations, implementing EU funds – cause there are additional regulations in PL)

Aims and Objectives:

  1. Transfer of innovative training solutions, based on the ISEMOT experience
  2. Development of the training curricula for tutors – responsible for the training phase in the BG,GR, FYROM
  3. Development of the e-learning platform, tools and online assessment for tutors
  4. Pilot training phase, including VCC ( Vocational Competences Certificate) system in to the project activities
  5. On the longer term, to contribute to the quality and competitiveness of vocational education and to contribute to the development of information security trainings in EU countries