Second International meeting, project e- Active

Poznan pictureThe e-Active project consortium has regular online meetings to clarify various details during the work, but face-to-face meetings are always very important. The second international project meeting took place in February in Poznan, Poland, and the host was  Fundacija Parasol.

During the meeting, the coordinators from Polibienestar presented the summary of the co-creation sessions held in all countries in order to establish the needs and current attitudes of the elderly and professionals working with them towards the use of new technologies and their implementation in the daily life of this target group.

There was also an overview of the upcoming project tasks, the most important at the moment being the creation of a curriculum on how to safely handle the Internet and new media for the elderly, how to use the information they need on social networks, and how to be motivated to do it.

It was also discussed when to conduct the first pilot training of the new curriculum. It was decided that this will happen in Sofia in July.

Tasks related to the dissemination of the project, reporting the quality of the management, and coordination of the activities were also distributed. Some of the deadlines for the implementation of the subsequent stages of the project were also revised.