GOLD third transnational project meeting in Sofia

12We met in Sofia in July in order to share reflections on the good practices and discussed  GOLD project national exploitation and sustainability possibilities.

Interesting practices and examples were presented by Frodizo – Common project Open University Patras and U3 – How to use digital equipment – for people 65+; Common project Frodizo and Vodafone Greece – online training courses for people 65+ how to work with different devices, how to keep active thinking and avoid dementia in older people, tracking changes in the behavior of people with dementia via new apps or electronic devices etc.

Frodizo proposed marketing actions:

  • A portfolio with best practices should be given to the national institutions and presented at different local events, and sponsors supporting such events should be found;
  • For the successful presentation of the dissemination, materials would be useful to show the people interesting examples from real life, to show the real participants; people need more real stories for inspiration; It would be good to be made a storytelling testimonial.

Reading for the others contacted and collaborated with the Alzheimer Association Greece and NGOs, working with old people.

Generations – collaborated with nursing homes, partner organizations, and NGOs and discussed the difficult political and economic situations for the old people, who are not a priority of the institutions in Bulgaria.

Muenster University will undertake more research work.

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