WhomeN Project PROTOCOL is ready

Protocol is readyIMG_20191113_121539After the research “Qualitative study on training needs of Women at risk of social exclusion”, we are finalizing the Protocol – the main output of WhomeN Project.

This Protocol is divided in 5 sections –

(1) Curricula on soft skills for women at risk of social exclusion;

(2) Curricula on pedagogic material for trainers on soft skills,

(3) Guidelines on how to implement protocol;

(4) Guidelines to introduce cultural diversity and gender equality;

(5) Curricula for pilot implementation of the protocol: Training courses.

The Protocol will allow Active Socio-occupational integration of Women at risk of social exclusion through the recognition of competences and learning soft skills in order to find new professional opportunities at home society.

For an easier recognition of soft skills, a tool was developed through the form of an interactive platform that will value soft skills through 47 items encompassed under 8 main soft skills – Communication, Teamwork, Flexibility/Adaptability, Problem-Solving, Interpersonal Skills, Organizational Skills, Negotiation and Decision Making.

All of this materials will be available very soon on our website. Don’t miss it!

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