Multiplier event Hand in hand – health for all – project WHOLE

Imperceptibly passed the 3-year WHOLE project, which was launched in September 2016. During the past time, the project consortium consisting of different organizations from 6 European countries, inc. two universities, managed to carry out a variety of activities to develop and implement the project proposal tasks and to reach project goals.

WHOLE website

Over the past project period the partners have made efforts to achieve the objectives and results set out in the project proposal. Initially, the work started with studies on the healthy lifestyle of elderly people in the different countries, then based on these studies, two learning modules were developed – Physical Activity and Healthy Nutrition, a project website and an online training platform for it.

All the training materials developed as well as the functioning of the online platform were tested during the TTT with participants from all partner organizations, held in the spring of 2017 in Sofia and during the 2 pilot trainings organized in autumn 2017 and spring of 2018 in all the countries of the consortium. Thanks to the training and the feedback received from the participants, some useful adjustments were made to the training materials, and the accessibility and navigation of the website and online platform were improved.

In the spring of 2018, dissemination events were held in all consortium countries where the above-mentioned project activities were presented. Thanks to the cooperation of the municipality of Buhovo and the organization of JGERB, Association Generations also presented its work and achievements in the frame of WHOLE. The event was attended by representatives of various organizations, companies as well as people from the local community. Representatives of BNA and OMRON measured blood pressure and blood glucose.

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We thank all our colleagues, partners and friends who supported us in our work on this serious project funded by the European Union.

We are sure that the results achieved will be useful, will continue to generate interest in the future, both among formal and informal carers and among people in the 3rd age. We hope that our efforts to implement project activities and achieve the project goals have contributed and will help to improve the culture of aging in our country.