Project WHOLE – meeting in Patra, Greece


Ready information materials, an interesting website, a functioning online learning platform, pilot seminars organized by all partner organizations from the WHOLE consortium – these are undoubtedly good results of our work for the past 9 months, which were the basis of the discussions during the last project meeting in January 2018. This time hosts were colleagues from the ATOM Center, Patras, Greece.

Patras1Pilot seminars and dissemination events made during autumn 2017, useful information on the online platform detailed presented to stakeholders, section for healthy nutrition for elderly, as well as a physical activity section with more than 280 exercises, were of big importance for receiving feedback from the users. All organizations shared positive experience and encountered problems in their work. A summary of the users’ comments will help the consortium to improve the quality of the content of the training materials and the functioning of the online platform. Here, we are happy to share that we got from the users in all partner countries very good assessment of the training modules, testing tools and online platform obtained on the basis of the results of the various questionnaires submitted at the beginning and end of the training seminars. 6The positive perception of the results of our efforts so far inspires us for the creative realization of the second part of the pilot seminars to be held in the spring of 2018.

At the meeting in Patras, the issue of the future sustainability of project results was also widely discussed. A detailed plan for the future development and use of the training materials, the online platform will be developed till end of the project. The consortium will think also about ways for funding of further functioning of the project`s results and reaching the project`s outcomes.

Fully in the spirit of the project and the established tradition during all project meetings, the representatives of the partner organizations were included this time by the Greek hosts in a sporting activity for fun – in this case a yoga class.

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