National Council of the Bulgarian Nursing Association – presentation WHOLE project results

The Project WHOLE – Wellbeing and Healthy Choices for Older Adults and their Carers, 2015-1-DE02-KA204-002418 enters the last of its three years. Over the past two years, the project consortium has been working with great interest and diligence to achieve the goals set and to reach the final results described in the project proposal. After the initial studies in all countries on healthy eating and physical activity of elderly people, available training measures for formal and informal carers sought by the two target groups, information and wishes for future measures in these areas, two modules were developed – Healthy nutrition and Physical activity specially adapted for them. The Healthy Nutrition Module contains advice in this area based on the most common diseases of elderly people, and the Physical Activity module over 280 exercises, useful for both – the recipients and the caregivers.



The project consortium has created a website and training online platform to which the above-mentioned materials can be accessed freely. They are fun, easy to use and very useful for improvement of the physical condition of elderly people as well as to reduce work stress and make better the mood of caregivers. During the last project year, the main goal of the partners is to improve the online platform after the first pilot seminars and to cope with the challenge of finding ways to achieve sustainability of project results. One of the tools to achieve this goal is the active dissemination of project results.

Local partner of Association Generations in the project is the Bulgarian Nursing Association, which contributes to the successful development and achievement of good results of the project work in our country. After the first pilot seminar in the frame of the project,  involving more than 30 sanitaries / caretakers form Military Hospital, Sofia, invited by BNA and the good feedback from the participants, the project and its results were presented at the meeting of the National Council of BNA, held on 25.11.2017 in Sofia. Association Generations is grateful for the opportunity to present the project WHOLE consortium and its achievements to health experts from all over Bulgaria. We hope the created online platform, the opportunities offered to create combined programs for healthy eating and physical activity, suitable both for the elderly and their caregivers, to find a place and apply as a good educational tool in the training programs of the Association, either in medical colleges, institutes, trainings for carers or part of online trainings. This would be a great opportunity for sustainability of project results and their application to the benefit of society. We rely on our future cooperation.