Work on it! Kick-off meeting in Weimar

logo_workonit_colores (2)We met for the first time on the 18th and 19th of November in Weimar, Germany. The project partners had a warm welcome in the office of LEB. Henry Birner and Evelyn Sittig introduced the LEB and the work of the organisation especially the European work of the last years and its connection to the European and national work of the LEB.

DSC04934The Kick-off meeting was structured along the management handbook as an important tool for a common understanding about the project, its aims, tasks and results.

We went sure that we have a common understanding of contents, aims, targeted results, tasks and responsibilities.DSC04933

DSC04893We made posters

and introduced the current situation of occupational orientation of youngsters in every partner’s country. The situations were discussed and similarities have been discovered and lead to a stronger common sense how to improve the situation with our planned project.