CISO in SMEs – IS knowledge tailored to the needs especially of SMEs/MEs

1We finalized our CISO in SMEs project. Within the project we transferred the blended learning scenario from our Austrian and Italian partners, based on e-learning platform developed, curriculum and set of learning materials, tailored for IS professionals which responds to the needs and requirements of Information Security workers employed in SMEs.

It was also a possibility to transfer from our Polish project leading partner the Vocational Certification System which is dedicated to vocational education and postgraduate trainings and certifies competences of both trainers and trainees. The pilot training courses in Bulgaria, Greece and Poland were prepared in accordance with standards of Vocational Competence Certificate.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits is the appreciation that one can be learning all the time, even if you are not in a formal training program. But the big rationale behind what we did was to meet the demand for such IS knowledge tailored to the needs especially of SMEs/MEs.

All trainees agree the training was well worth it! We think we made learning easy, effective, engaging, and productive and realized there are so much more benefits than expected.