SEACW – Social Ecosystem for Antiaging, Capacitation and Wellbeing


The Institute for Neurobiology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, as a partner and Association Generation, as an associated partner in the Project SEACW, work  together to provide the elder with tools to develop their active participation in society through Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).  Both organizations take part in the project SEACW (Social Ecosystem for Antiaging, Capacitation and Wellbeing).

The Project is founded by the European Programme CIP-ICT-PSP 2012 of the European Commission. The consortium developing the project is headed by Áliad Conocimiento y Servicio, and composed of a total amount of 9 partners from 5 EU member states (Bulgaria, France, Italy, Malta and Spain).

SEACW has the support of 34 allied entities, organizations, companies, NGOs in the field of health and Information and Communication Technologies and experts from across Europe and the world.

SEACW is a European project whose main goal is to become an e-meeting point for all those interested in Active and Healthy Ageing through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (TICs). This virtual Ecosystem will provide information, tools and training in digital literacy and active and healthy ageing for social inclusion agents, the elderly and the population in general. It will also encourage intergenerational solidarity, employability of social inclusion agents and, ultimately, an extension of the healthy life expectancy of European citizens.