Second International meeting, project e- Active

Poznan pictureThe e-Active project consortium has regular online meetings to clarify various details during the work, but face-to-face meetings are always very important. The second international project meeting took place in February in Poznan, Poland, and the host was  Fundacija Parasol.

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GOLD – fourth transnational project meeting in Muenster

ОБЩА3The goal of this TPM in Muenster was to address the tasks completed and to consider the next steps of the project as we are approaching its end.

The Challedu team made a project overview’ by actions implemented until now, objectives and results achieved, pending tasks, and key next steps – especially dissemination and exploitation actions needed and what has to be improved.

We tested some Yoga exercises for seniors presented by the University of Munster.

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GOLD third transnational project meeting in Sofia

12We met in Sofia in July in order to share reflections on the good practices and discussed  GOLD project national exploitation and sustainability possibilities.

Interesting practices and examples were presented by Frodizo – Common project Open University Patras and U3 – How to use digital equipment – for people 65+; Common project Frodizo and Vodafone Greece – online training courses for people 65+ how to work with different devices, how to keep active thinking and avoid dementia in older people, tracking changes in the behavior of people with dementia via new apps or electronic devices etc. Continue reading

GOLD second transnational project meeting in Athens

11This year, we managed to have our second meeting in Athens. The project coordinator, CHALLEDU (Greece) and the partners, READING TO THE OTHERS (Greece), ESENIORS (France), FRODIZO (Greece), MUENSTER UNIVERSITY (Germany), and
ASSOCIATION GENERATIONS (Bulgaria), met for the second Learning Teaching Training Activity of the project in order to exchange good practices and define our next steps.
CHALLEDU team presented the good practices they have developed and the games they have co-created to encourage and empower seniors with dementia. They informed us about the Bridge project which aims to create board and digital games for dementia patients and escape rooms. After the presentation, all partners participated in a workshop-game simulation, thus giving us the opportunity to discover new ways of learning and working with the Third Age people. Continue reading


ACT Screen shot websiteAfter 3 years of hard work, the activities under the Actimentia project, funded by the EC ERASMUS + program, have been completed. The consortium was composed of representatives of various training organizations from 5 European countries plus Israel – universities, organizations for adult education, vocational training, delivery of social services.

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First GOLD project meeting took place virtually.

1stmeeting online picOn November 9th 2020, the first GOLD meeting of the project took place virtually.

Partners made a general presentation of their organizations and their best gold practices for older adults. Then, the coordinator of the project CHELLUD presented project’s main objectives as well as outputs to be achieved. The next steps have been clearly defined and tasks were evenly distributed among all partners. Next on-line meeting was scheduled to be held in February 2021.

4th Transnational Coordination Meeting in Verona

IMG_20191113_123008 (2)IMG_20191113_170047 (4)In the past 13th November 2019, all partners of Project WhomeN were gathered to discuss the current situation of project activities.

The main objective of this meeting was to discuss about the Protocol (Curriculum) – final version revision and recommendation for improvements, presented by Fundación Aljaraque and LEB, as well as the Interactive platform that hosts the protocol, main contents and sections, the self-evaluation tool and next stages.

1The next activities foreseen will be the Pilot Implementation of the Protocol that will be developed by each partner (except LEB, EY and YCF) through training courses for women at each country and coordinated by expert commitee. Don’t miss more news on this. Follow us also on facebook

WhomeN Project PROTOCOL is ready

Protocol is readyIMG_20191113_121539After the research “Qualitative study on training needs of Women at risk of social exclusion”, we are finalizing the Protocol – the main output of WhomeN Project.

This Protocol is divided in 5 sections –

(1) Curricula on soft skills for women at risk of social exclusion;

(2) Curricula on pedagogic material for trainers on soft skills,

(3) Guidelines on how to implement protocol;

(4) Guidelines to introduce cultural diversity and gender equality;

(5) Curricula for pilot implementation of the protocol: Training courses. Continue reading