Train the Trainer event and WHOLE project meeting in Sofia

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It has gone nearer more than half a year after the WHOLE consortium met in Linz. During these months, everyone worked hard on preparing the project`s tasks. The results of the our work were discussed during the project partners’ meeting in May 2017 organized by Association Generations in Sofia.

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Experts from the Irish organization ProActive have developed a 10-part healthy eating module. The colleagues from Wingate Institute, Israel have prepared the module for physical activity for people with health problems and elderly people. Both modules are easy to understand and accessible to any audience, interesting and enjoyable. The healthy eating module has appropriate colorful illustrations, and all exercises to the physical activity module are accompanied by short videos. The texts to both modules are translated into all project partners languages, the videos have subtitles. The online training platform is in process of being developed and all the finished materials are going to be uploaded. It is expected to be ready in the autumn and national pilot trainings for working with it will be launched.

In addition to the project meeting in May, the first short “Train the Trainers” Training for both modules was held, attended by representatives of all partner organizations. This was a crucial moment for the overall review of all the materials developed, their perception and the identification of any weaknesses that need to be addressed. Elements of the physical activity module were demonstrated by representatives of the Bulgarian Nursing Association in the framework of events organized on the occasion of the International Nursing Day 12th of May.

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